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Fundraiser: Sgt John Peck, USMC

The WVO has a custom made AR 15 weapon system, to be raffled off. All proceeds going directly to the Sgt. John Peck Fund. Sgt. Peck, United States Marine, a quadruple amputee, and veteran of Afghanistan, 3-1, Helmand Province, 2010.

Sgt. Peck is in the process of experimental surgery to have his arms replaced, this procedure and the expenses attributed to it are high. We ask that you pass the word regarding this mission. The WVO will have a limited amount of tickets for this drawing.

We wouldn’t leave a Warrior on the battlefield, and we will not leave one here at home.


As of February 2017 the combined efforts of Warriors Veteran Outreach we were able to contribute $9,500.00 to the “Sgt. Peck Fund” through our raffle effort.

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